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Thursday, October 4, 2012

High drama at the Court House

This morning I noticed something very unusual at the Court House--a crane. Plus I could see a man standing on very top of the roof. Naturally I had check it out.
I could not see what they were doing as I approached from the north west.
When I got to the southeast, I still could not see much, but found a gentleman who was watching and asked him what was going on. He explained that they were installing a new stairway to get from the door in the roof up to the flag pole. Until now workers have had to use a ladder with no railing, and the new stairs will make getting to the flag pole safer (and a lot less exciting).
On an unrelated topic, workers have begun to install the pavers on the north side of the new pedestrian bridge. I originally expected them to be brick red, which would match the bridge and be in harmony with the brick pavers on two sides of the Court House, but they are gray, and will match the new Court House roof. Some temporary railings are in place, and it may be that people are now allowed to walk across the bridge. I have seen several do so already. I have also seen kids carefully making their way along the new fence, on the outside.
When people do walk across the bridge, their view will look something like this:

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Anonymous said...

The new stariway--safer and a lot less exciting! That "less exciting" is a euphoric feeling our photographer and I will never partake!!!! Not to ever recall having done the climb in any 'exciting' way!!!
Great photos!!