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Monday, October 22, 2012

Monnett School auction

On Saturday I stopped by to see what was being sold at the Monnett School auction. I found a huge crowd of people there. I wonder how many were serious buyers and how many were like me, more curious than willing to bid.

The auction had started when I arrived and it was hard to get through the crowd of people near the entrance where the selling was going on. The hallways were full of tables and other things ready to sell. There were several of these play kitchens--they must have been standard in either first grade or Kindergarten. Some little kids will be very happy to get them.
 The library was one of the rooms that still had a lot of stuff in it.
 The gym, which also served as a lunch room, was packed. The sale included not just items left from the Monnett School but also excess items from the other Rensselaer Central schools.
 There was a huge pile of old computers, several rows deep. The monitors were in another area of the gym. Most were old CRTs.
 Outside the door of the gym were an assortment of old TVs and carts.
 Some of the classrooms had a bit of equipment and others did not. This probably was a Kindergarten room because it seems to have a bathroom in it.
 The Rensselaer Republican reported that the school board has solicited bids for the demolition of the building. Right now that seems to be its most likely future, though the city council may have to approve that. Someone once explained to me the ownership of that area but I do not remember the details. Some things are owned by the school corporation and others by the park district. In any case, I hope someone preserves a copy of the fire evacuation routes. It shows how the building was being used in its final year.
I did not stay very long though I am sure there were bargains to be had. It looked like the auction would take many hours to complete.

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