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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Easy come, easy go-updated

Workers were disassembling one of the Monnett modules this morning. One half of the building was already gone and it looked like the second half would be leaving soon.
I asked if all three of the buildings were all going, and one of the workers said that the two in the back were.

They were put in place in the summer of 2009 when I had several posts about the project.

Update: I visited the Tractor Supply construction site this afternoon to see how much progress was being made. Shortly after I got there, I saw one of the Monnett modules leaving town.
 Later I returned to Monnett to see which part had left. It was the second half of the first building, the part shown in the original photo above. While I taking pictures, the superintendent was leaving the building, so I asked where the module was headed. It is going to West Lebanon, which may mean it will be used by the Seeger school district. It and the second building were purchased at the Monnett auction. The third building, the one closest to College Avenue, will be moved in time to the high school where it will be re-purposed.

And how is construction progressing on Tractor Supply? I was shocked to see how much the site had changed in just a week. The walls were rising and there was a horde of workers laying cement block. You can see more wall on the left side of the picture. It appears to have re-bar extending from it.

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