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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foundations and roofs (Updated)

The foundation for a duplex that has been in place for months at the the five corners of Clark, College, and Van Rensselaer has seen activity this week. Early in the week workers installed insulation over the sand, and then poured concrete over it. Soon a house should appear there.
 The crews are not as big at the Tractor Supply site as they were last week, but they are getting a lot done. On Tuesday the early work on the roof had begun.
 By Wednesday the girders were in place, and today (Thursday) something was going on top of the girders. You cannot see it directly in the picture below, but the shadows tell the story.
 On Wednesday workers had a directional drilling machine in the field behind Kirby Risk. I did not talk to them, but I did talk to people marking the field a week or two ago. Apparently they are putting in cable for Internet connection.
 Work is almost done on the Court House roof. Two of the little turrets have been completed, though they may still need some flashing. You can see one of the re-roofed turrets on the right of the picture below.
It has been a really quiet week. The weather forecast is that we will get a few unseasonally warm days. It may be a good time to get outside and get a few things done.

Update: Construction goes on six days a week at the Tractor Supply site. At noon today (Saturday, Dec 1) there several workers on the site, and the shell was covered. I could see a light on inside, so apparently it now has an electrical connection. City workers were busy with that connection last week. They ran the power supply from the lines under the highway, from one of the utility poles on the south side of the SR 114.

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