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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's been a while

It has been almost a week since I last posted--where does time go? Not a lot has been happening--things seem to slow down for the holiday.

The concrete block walls for the Tractor Supply building are finished.
On Saturday they were not yet finished, but there were plenty of workers laying the blocks.
 Also on Saturday I finally caught the asphalt paving machine in action. It was finishing the shoulders or turn lanes for the new Tractor Supply store.
 They recently finished the parking lot for the medical building under construction on Drexel Drive. The exterior of this building is almost finished, but there is plenty left to do inside. It is scheduled for opening in March.
 Last week there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new coffee shop (Better Vibes) and resale shop (Re-Shop) in the College Square Mall.
A new business is going into the small space between the guitar store and The SPAW on Washington Street. I was told it would be a Mexican clothing store.
 Here is the obligatory photo showing progress on the Court House roof.
On Monday the city put up the Christmas decorations in the downtown.

The Newton County Historical Society seems to be a very active group. Here is their website, and here is a Facebook page.

What else is new?

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That roof work is fine!