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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Return to Dairy Adventures

We had guests last weekend, so we did what many people in Rensselaer do when they have guests, we went to the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure. It helped a lot that we had some discount coupons--I doubt if we would have gone without them.

The visitors' center has what looks like a merry-go-round with cows, but if it actually moves, it was not moving when we got there.
 The staff said that they had had a very busy morning, but we were late in the day and there were not many other people there. Of course we had to view the 3-D movie. Irma does not seem to know what to think about the very big glasses she was supposed to wear.
 After the movie, we boarded the last bus of the day, and we were not the only people on it. Here in the dry barn, where cows are waiting to give birth, you can see by the lighting that the sun is ready to set.
 I have a camera that gives a very wide-angle view of things, but even it could not capture the entire cow merry-go-round, the milking platform at this farm.
 I wonder if the cows enjoy the art-work on the wall in the above picture. (Last time I was there, there were fans where the pictures are.)

Our last stop of the day was the birthing barn. The last birth had taken place a bit before we arrived at the Dairy Adventure, so our little guests did not get to see a birth. I wonder what they would have thought of it.
We admired the cows, though one of our little guests was as fascinated by a cat behind one of the windows (they keep down the mice) as she was with the calves. Then quitting time came, and the workers locked up and we headed home for more left-over turkey.

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