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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Closings and Openings

Today is the last day for Fashion Bug. There were three racks of clothing left in the store, and you can see two of them in the picture below.
Most of the store was totally empty. While I was there people were taking racks out of the store--they probably sold those too.
After paying my respects to Fashion Bug, I headed north and noticed a new sign at Potawatomi Park. (My spell checker wants to spell it Pottawatomie.) Snow was falling--we are on the northern edge of a major winter storm. It will not be known as the Day-After-Christmas Storm of 2012 because the weather people have started naming major winter storms. This one is called Euclid. We are expected to get only a couple inches. Indianapolis may get a foot.
I was headed to a new business that I had noticed on Christmas morning when I had stopped to watch city workers digging to repair a water line break on the corner of McKinley and Merritt. As I watched them I kept thinking, "What a miserable way to spend Christmas morning."
There is a new auto dealership in what had been the Chrysler dealership. I stopped in to see what I could learn about them.
The business is called Family Auto Sales and it will sell late model used cars. Though the business is new to Rensselaer (Friday was the first day they were open because that is when they got the license to be a car dealer), they are not new to the area. The business is owned by the people who own the Ford Dealership in Watseka, IL and also a used-car business in Gilman, Il.
I asked if they could sell new Fords from the Wakseka dealership and was told that they could not. They would like to eventually get a Ford dealership in Rensselaer but there are major hurdles to overcome to make that possible. Right now they are only selling cars and not servicing them so most of the building is not being used. They would like to work with the AutoWorks people who used to be the repair service for Heuring Ford.

The manager was very friendly. He lives in Lake Village, which he did not think a bad commute.


Old WPUM Engineer said...

The Indianapolis airport said we officially got 7.2". There was more in my drive thanks to blowing and drifting snow.

Anonymous said...

The original building in front was Triangle Motors in 1949-53 and sold Willys, Henry, and Kaiser-Frazier automobiles. It was owned by Frank Cavendish of Newland.