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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New city street

The city now considers a stretch of Scott Street north of Merritt part of the city street network. This bit of the street is new--it was not there a few months ago, although broken-up asphalt has been dumped there for at least a year. I extends almost to the School House ditch. There are no houses along it yet, but unless the developer planned some houses, it would not have made sense to put it in.
The street is only half paved. The west side is asphalt, but the east side is stone. The road was built by a private developer to city specifications.

The Rensselaer Republican reported that the reason that the city added this bit of street to the city inventory is that it it increases the amount of money that the city gets from the state. Rensselaer has about 35 miles of city streets, not including whatever is in the annexation to Interstate 65, and each additional one tenth of a mile increases state funding.

I wonder how they compute how long the city streets are. What do they do so that they do not double count the intersections?

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