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Friday, January 25, 2013

It's elementary

The 20th annual Elementary School Art Exhibit is on display in the lobby of the Core Building at SJC. The reception and awards ceremony is Jan 27 1:30 until 3:30 CST. The exhibit comes down on Feb 1.
 Nothing really grabbed me, though I suspect that not all the schools had hung their pictures when I stopped by. I could relate to the leaves in the picture below because that is how I do art--let nature be the creative force and just copy it.
 On the subject of elementary schools, I passed by the new Rensselaer Primary School a few days ago just before school let out. I was amazed by the line of cars ready to pick up kids.
Back in the good old days we had to walk to school uphill both ways in blizzards and storms. What will this generation of kids be able to tell their children about how rough they had it when they were young? "We had to wait for hours to get picked up because their were so many cars in the line?" Not as good as the walking uphill story.

Clearly the intent of the placement of this school and the lack of sidewalks is to discourage kids from walking or biking to school.


Gene said...

I was in the first grade in 1945 and attended the school located across the street from the Christian Church at the corner of Cherry and Susan streets (I think). I lived on the corner of Angelica and Melville, a mile from the school and walked every school day (rain, snow, and sleet) until I got a bicycle, when I was about ten (I think). Had to walk because we had no car. My dad rode a bike to work.

That's the truth.

Anonymous said...

I have another theory as to why the school is located inconveniently in a cornfield away from everything and it relates more to who offered the land. I, too, walked to "Gene's school" 1 mile distant until I acquired Miss Morrow's bicycle. Walked home for lunch and back, too, weather permitting, otherwise, lunch in a metal lunchbox.

Gene said...

Miss Morrow? She was my second grade teacher. It broke my heart when she became Mrs. Klopfenstein.