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Friday, January 4, 2013

Moving offices at SJC

A few months ago, I am not sure how many, the Student Financial Services office vacated their space in the basement of McHale Hall (formerly Xavier Hall) because of a mold problem and moved into what was a computer lab in the Core Building. The computer lab disappeared--computer labs served an important purpose in the early days of computers before all students arrived on campus with their own computers, and no one quite knows what to do with them anymore. In the last few weeks Student Financial Services has moved again and now the space is being renovated for some use that is part of a grant that SJC received in 2012. I could not get a clear explanation of how the space will be used from the several people I asked. There will be a new floor because there are electrical outlets and computer connections built into the concrete that is the old floor.
The student financial services office has moved to Halleck Center, into the space that was previously the Dean of Students offices. They are now to the right of the stairs as you approach the ballroom. The Dean of Students offices are being relocated to the left of the stairs, in the area that was once the switchboard operator and also campus ministry offices. They will grab a bit of the hallway space with a new wall.
Campus ministry is moving back near the bookstore, on the north side of the ballroom into an area that I think was used for storage.

I do not see a lot happening but that may be a good thing.

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