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Thursday, February 21, 2013

More destruction (Updated)

Wednesday morning I noticed a machine with an attached jackhammer sitting in front of Well House Number 1. I thought that they might be planning to take out the brine tank and thought I might hear the noise when they did. When I finally did hear some noise that sounded like jackhammering, it was late afternoon and the brine tank was a mess of broken concrete and mangled re-bar.
 The machine that had destroyed the old salt tank was busy behind the water treatment plant breaking up chunks of concrete.
The reason that the old brine tank was removed is that a new brine tank was constructed as part of the renovation of the water treatment plant.

 As I left, I checked out the skating pond. It has lost most of its water and the little that was there was not frozen solid. I think a problem that the ground under the rink is not frozen so heat from below keeps the bottom warm.
If the park could find a place where it could run some pipes for a heat pump under the rink, using the heat exchange to heat a building, it would keep ice on the rink much better than what happened this year. It would also help if the rink were shaded a bit more.

Update: I am glad that yesterday I got the picture of what was left of the brine pit. Today (Thursday) it was already filled in.
Workers were preparing the module south of the RCSC headquarters for a move. The skirting has been removed and the building split. Once the plastic sheets cover the open sides, they can be hauled away. 
If you are wondering why there have been no updates on Monnett demolition for a while, it is because there is no demolition taking place. Instead a crew has been on the site applying some kind of dark liquid to the floors, which they then scrape up. Today they were working the north wing. Maybe next week the last of the walls will come tumbling down.

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