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Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow and ice

Our weather has been given us a lot of variety during the past two weeks--heavy rain and snow with temperatures ranging between 0 and 60 degrees. This weekend snow has taken center stage. The two or three inches allow us to see things that are not normally visible, such as crow tracks.
 The cemetery is a study in white and black.
 The thin layer of snow does not make the destruction of the Monnett school look any better.
 There is not much left of the south wing as the new week starts.
 I finally have a camera that lets me take pictures of snow flakes.
The river is interesting. It was almost at flood stage after the heavy rains of last week and has been dropping since. The bitterly cold nights freeze the water along the shoreline, and then that shelf is left as the river drops. On Sunday there were three clearly visible shelves.
The high water levels created ice around tree branches that were dragging in the water, and then when the water dropped those ice plates rose above the river level and were decorated with icicles.
Below is another plate of ice attached to a tree branch.


Gene said...

WOW! Delightful pictures of ice in nature. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour of the town and river....

Desert Survivor said...

Very nice photos!

RoadRunner1117 said...

The photo of the snowflakes is amazing!