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Friday, February 22, 2013

Tales from the porta-potties

Wandering aimlessly around town today getting some exercise, I found inspiration for this post from a porta-pottie.
 It is next to the Amshak but not accessible because it was inside a fence.

On the other end of the lot is a trailer. It may be that a hillbilly has squatted on the property, bring along an outhouse, but there was no snarling dog inside the fence so it is much more likely that we will soon see construction of a new train station. It has been rumored to be in the works for some time.
There were pink markings on the snow, so it may be that much of what is now there was put in place this morning.

I found a couple other porta-potties in front of the new TSC building. It appears that construction is complete, but until those porta potties leave, a casual observer cannot be sure. Since the last time I was there, the sign has been put on the building, the lights for the parking lot have been installed, and a pole for a sign along the highway has been erected. There is also merchandize in the fenced in yard to the east of the building. The opening date for the store's opening is March 15.

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Progress is happening.