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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Groundbreaking for the Steinke Funeral Home renovation

This morning (Wednesday) Steinke Funeral Home had a groundbreaking ceremony for an extensive renovation project. Before the posing for the picture, a pastor said a short prayer and noted that those in the funeral home business performed an important service in helping families deal with death of loved ones.

The Funeral Home will stay open during the renovation. The architects, who are from St. Louis and specialize in funeral home design, have planned out how they can block off and renovate certain parts while other parts remain in use. In addition to changes inside, there will be a portico around the front of the building (which you can see in the picture below) and an addition to the back of the building.
Tecton, the building contractor, recently finished the Louck Medical Building, which is now open. Lana Williams is a former Rensselaerian who graduated from RCHS about twenty years ago.

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Anonymous said...

This super to see. Congratulations to Steinke Funeral Home!