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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Internet adventures

Did you know that there is a small (about 20 employees) software development company in Francesville? I did not until I found them in the want ads of the Rensselaer Republican. Adaptasoft has developed a product called CyberPay that it sells to payroll service bureaus. The company was established in 1996.

The Lake Village Old Photo Page on Facebook puts up lots of old pictures. I thought these two were especially interesting, with the comments giving a bit of history from the Roselawn area. (To find the comments, go to their timeline and find their entry for April 9, 2013.) The camp was founded by Alois Knapp. When he retired to Florida, he sold it to Dick Drost, who renamed it Naked City and gave it a very different emphasis.

Here is a blog with a whole lot more.

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