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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finally spring

Last year at this time, baby birds were leaving the nest. I have not seen any baby birds yet this spring.

I did see a tractor plowing a field, so the farmers must be getting ready to plant. Lots of home gardens are already planted, and some people have put out tomatoes. We may have had the last frost but I will wait a while. Last year I lost the tomatoes I started indoors when a late frost got them.

I missed all the fun in town this past weekend because I was visiting sick relatives. I may have caught what they had (or I may have picked it up from someone in Rensselaer last week). I feel OK, but I have no energy. I am tired but not sleepy. So this may be a light week for blog posts.

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Jodi Kosary said...

It was nice meeting you out at the community garden. Always nice putting a face to the words I've been reading.