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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Number one in corn

I noticed a pattern in a field north of town and remembered that I wanted to mention something in JCEDO's April newsletter, that Jasper County was the number one producer of corn in Indiana for 2012. I was able to find the USDA report, which is here. Jasper County had more acreage in corn (177,500 acres) and produced more (24 million bushels) than any other county. White County was second, Benton fourth, and Newton fifth. 
Jasper County did not do as well with soybeans. It planted only 84,700 acres and was ranked twelfth in total harvest. The report is here. The only other report that I could find for 2012 was for cattle, where Jasper County was third.

While I was north of town, I noticed an outhouse for sale at Smith's Farm Store. I have seen several of them by a house near the power plant, so I suspect that they are produced locally.
Update: The decorative outhouse could make a nice tool shed, a place to store rakes and shovels.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good numbers about our corn and soybeans. Liked the outhouse. There is to be a new outhouse at the fairgrounds near the log cabin. It will not be usable, however.