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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Drowsey Chaperone

Tomorrow night (Saturday) will be the last performance of The Drowsey Chaperone. SJC has presented better musicals in the past, but I do not recall a funnier performance. It is highly entertaining and well worth the time and money to attend. The crowd on Friday night was one of the largest I have seen at any of their stage productions.
A RCHS graduate was the drowsey chaperone and did an excellent job.

At a reception before the play, Kendra from SJC asked me if I had seen the Jessica Harris interview on the SJC website. I have now, and I especially liked her answer to the last question. Of course not everyone would agree with her. I talked to a senior at the reception who had taken economics classes from me when she was a freshman, my last year teaching, and she told me that I had given her the only two Bs in her four years at SJC. Everything else was an A. Sorry about that, Lindsey.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Lindsey comment. I knew you were terrific and tough. Nice to be remembered.