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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gone, here, and coming (Updated)

SJC had graduation yesterday and now the campus is empty. The students left behind at least two dumpsters full of things from the dorm rooms.
 There seems to be a new business in the Town Mall (the old Sears Building). In one of the offices that face Kellner and which a year or two ago had some kind of computer shop, the "For Rent" sign is gone and there are drapes hiding what is inside. The page below is taped in several of the windows.
A couple months ago someone told me that a butcher shop would be moving into the building behind the bowling alley, into the space that previously had Merlin's hair salon or beauty shop. For a long time I could not see much change, but last week there were a couple of coolers next to the building, and now there is a small room to the left of the coolers. (I forgot to take a picture of it today when I passed by.)
There is also a building permit in a window. Soon we will have Dale's Steak & Chop Shop.
I am guessing that it will not be open before Bub's BBQ, which is scheduled to open next Monday.

The farmers were busy in the fields today and I was busy trying to get plants into my garden. That has a higher priority right now than working on this blog, so do not expect any posts this week that take a lot of my time.

Update: The website for Dales Steak and Chop Shop is here. They wanted to open in April, but the coolers that they bought arrived damaged. In addition to meat, they will sell deli items.

Their Facebook page is here.

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