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Friday, May 31, 2013

Remington news

Last weekend I passed through Remington and noticed a new building on US 24 west of the US 231 intersection.
It houses the offices of two dentists practicing as Remington Family Dentistry, a fitness center, and some kind of rehabilitation center. The building was constructed by Sayler Construction of Rensselaer.
 Work continues on the Monsanto plant north of Remington, which is undergoing a $30 million dollar upgrade or expansion. I had noticed it earlier this summer, but this week I paused to take a picture.
 The new fire station was dedicated back in 2011, but I never paused to take a picture of it until this week.
The town of Remington has occasional news items here.

The town has moved an old truss bridge that will eventually be part of a trail system, and though I saw it along side of the road, I did not get a picture of it. You can find a picture of the bridge in its original location here and the removal here.

Remington's big festival, Water Tower Days, takes place next weekend.

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