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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Annual carry-in dinner at the Historical Society

On Tuesday evening the Jasper County Historical Society hosted its annual carry-in dinner. There was plenty of delicious food.
Following the dinner, Pam Brown-Seely, archivist at Saint Joseph's College, gave a presentation on the early days of the college during which the priests, brothers, nuns, and seminarians raised livestock and tended gardens and orchards, growing most of the food consumed on campus. There are still buildings and ruins on campus from that era.

One of my table companions told me that someone with inside information says that the next endeavors at the Fair Oaks Farms will be a restaurant, then an aquaculture exhibit, and then chickens.

The museum had a new acquisition--a stuffed hawk. I did not get a picture, but the Rensselaer Republican did.

This fall the museum will be an exhibit of maps, some form the museums collection, and some from the state museum.

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