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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Around town, June 27 2013

I have not seen anything this week that screams, "Blog about me." Maybe Taste of Rensselaer on Saturday will be that thing. However, there are lots of little things that are interesting. While there are not many new houses being built, there seems to be a fair about of renovation going on. The house below, on West Washington, recently sold and now has a giant dumpster in front. It appears that a major overhaul is in store. I have always liked this century old house because of the window on the second floor. I hope it is preserved. (Notice that the roof of the porch has already been torn down.)

 The tree removal business has been booming, but I have not seen a bigger take down than this one on South Scott Street. Six very large trees were either down or in the process of being taken down. The house here is the one that had roof damage from a big storm at the end of May.
 I went past the Farm Credit construction site last evening at about 7:00 and was surprised to see men still working. With the long hours, change from day to day is impressive.
The activities of summer continue. The Summer Swim Team has finished it regular season and now is getting ready for the conference finals. The Fendig Summer Theater will be performing in a couple of weeks. Softball is busy in the park. The LaRue Pool has had larger than normal crowds this summer and no one knows why. The wet and warm weather has been great for corn--a few weeks ago I doubted that it would be knee-high by the Fourth of July, but most of it has already exceeded that height.

And in about six weeks school will be starting again for many kids around the state.

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