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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bad day to take Amtrak

I stopped by the Amtrak station to see how construction was going and noticed several suitcases on the platform. Then the owners came up the ramp and told me that the train had had an accident in Monon. Amtrak was arranging bus transportation for both those on the train and the five people waiting in Renssealer. (I tried to find out more from the Amtrak site, but there was nothing I could find. However, WLFI was on the case. The train hit a tractor pulling a tank of anhydrous ammonia.)
 The two ladies approaching in the distance had been walking on the track--they seem to have gone down to McKinley and bought something to drink at the Marathon station.

As for the construction, the roof seems to be complete, but there is much activity with the railings (see the left of the picture.) and with the windows.

Addendum: If there were people who missed connections to other trains in Chicago, they may experience life as a misconnect.

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