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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Depot almost finished (Updated)

When we last visited the construction site of the Amtrak depot a couple of weeks ago, the brick work was mostly finished. Visually, not a lot has changed--from the distance it looks pretty much the same. However, a lot of concrete has been poured. A week ago the floors inside the structure were being prepared for a concrete pour.
 By the end of last week, those floors were finished, as well as a new ramp leading up to the station, and the area around the depot was being prepared for concrete.
At the end of yesterday that concrete was in place and the forms had been removed. The little room at the east end will apparently house the electrical box that is now standing by itself to the west of the building.
Installing doors and finishing the roof looks like the last big things that need to be done as well as redoing the railings.

In miscellaneous news, I heard third-hand that the Historical Society's Tea Party on Sunday was a big success. (They weren't even audited by the IRS.) A fireworks store is preparing to reopen in the old Sears store so people can stock up for the Fourth. SJC has refinanced its long-term debt with financial institutions that have a local presence. Yesterday Little Indiana was filming around Rensselaer for a show that may air on June 11 13. Places she was filming included the Court House, the General Milroy statue, eMbers, and the Willow Switch.

Also, today is the last day of school for the local schools.

I forgot to mention that the June 1 Country-Western night at eMbers was a success with over 250 people attending. Bub's BBQ ran out of food early in the evening--and they started with 700 pounds of meat. The next public event is a comedy show on Friday, June 28. For details, see here

Update 2: On Friday I checked progress and it seems that the west end of the station will be enclosed. A door with glass and one window are installed, and it seems that next week the rest will be installed.

The middle room probably was originally meant to be a rest room. It will be interesting to see what it will be in the finished station. It now has a door. The little compartment on the east, which contains the electrical boxes, also has a door. A metal roof is mostly installed, and the railings are being re-arranged.

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