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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taste of Rensselaer 2013

The clouds were darkening as we approached the annual Taste of Rensselaer event this evening.
The optimists wanted to believe that the rain would pass to our east, but by the time that the Fendig Summer Theater group was singing, "Singin' in the Rain," they actually were. (The production of the Children's Theater is less than two weeks away.) It was a light rain, however, and though it dampened the picnic benches, it did not seem to appreciably dampen enthusiasm.
Inside the Carnegie Center were exhibits showing what children and others had accomplished during Art Week, the week leading up to Taste of Rensselaer.
There were a variety of food vendors, some who regularly sell food (City Office & Pub, Strack & Van Til, Ayda's, Martin's), other civic organizations and church groups (Lion's, Rotary, Trinity United Methodists, Chamber of Commerce, Carnegie Players, Bethany Youth Group, and First Christian Church.)

Down the block people could have relaxed in the new bench in Hal Gray Park, except that it was probably very wet.
Update: I heard that the two bands that were scheduled to perform canceled. They did not want the rain to ruin their equipment, though I think the rain stopped later in the evening.

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