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Saturday, August 24, 2013

A busy Friday evening

Friday evening was a busy night in Rensselaer. The Fall Festival opened, the high school football team hosted its rival from the north in a battle for the Cracker Barrel (Rensselaer beat KV 20-6 to reclaim the trophy), and the Fendig Gallery opened its 20th Anniversary Invitational Exhibition with a reception. Faced with all those choices, I went to a fish fry in Monticello that is a fundraiser for CDC Resources.

The event was catered by a company from Fort Wayne. I checked its web page and found that they do a lot of catering. (Check their schedule.) There is preliminary thought being given to having a fund-raising dinner in Rensselaer, probably in the spring. Time will tell if the event will materialize, but if it does, you can be sure you will read about it on this blog.
Three years ago I wrote about the old poor farm in Jasper County, and followed that up with mention of the poor farm in White County, which was for sale. I do not think I have ever put up a picture of it, though I remember taking some a couple of years ago. The building was sold but nothing has been done with it. It is adjacent to the CDC property, which originally was part of the poor farm holdings.
 A week ago, on Sunday August 17, another event aimed at helping people with developmental disabilities took place, this one at the Jasper County Fairgrounds. The days events included food and soft drinks, loud music with a deejay, games, sand art designing, and air brush painting on tee shirts, but highlight for most was a ride in a semi, a large dump truck, or on the back of a motorcycle.
This was the 29th year for the Expo for Special Persons. The organization was founded in Monon and began with giving semi rides to persons with disabilities. For a few years it was held at the White County Fairgrounds but in recent years it has been at the Jasper County Fairgrounds. The event is held the third Sunday in August and next year will be on August 17.

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