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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Closed BP station on exit 205

The last few times I have driven past the interchange between Rensselaer and Remington, I noticed that the BP gas station was closed. Today I stopped to see if I could learn more.
 The shelves were empty, and the sign below was on the door. I do not know what it means or if it is the reason that the station is closed. It looks intimidating.
Behind the BP station is a long deserted station. I wrote a bit about it here, when I last visited this intersection.
The only open business at the interchange is the Crazy D gas station. There have been at least two other gas stations that have tried to make it at this interchange. Across the highway from the entrance to Crazy Ds is the foundation of what was once a small station. I stopped there often when it was open because it had low prices. I do not remember what it was called. The only business location that seems to have ever been south of the interchange has been empty for quite a while. I am pretty sure it was originally a gas station and then for a while it sold fireworks. The state of the lettering suggests that it has been empty for quite a while.
Someone must have done a study on why some interstate interchanges support thriving businesses while others are death traps for businesses. The Rensselaer-Remington interchange at mile 205 has seen lots of failure. Why? A few miles to the south, the Remington-Wolcott interchange is booming.

My guess is that one factor is what is sometimes called the network effect--an interchange with lots of businesses creates an environment for success. Each business makes the environment better for the other businesses.  I am reluctant to stop at an interchange with only one gas station or one eatery. Those interchanges that got big fast have in part generated their own success. The 205 interchange is sandwiched between two exits with a larger collection of businesses, and so it will never be able to grow much. But that is just a guess.


Old WPUM Engineer said...

Indiana Code 6-2.5-9-2
Failure to register or renew registration; transaction after revocation or suspension of certificate; offense
Sec. 2. A retail merchant who makes a retail transaction without having applied for or obtained a registered retail merchant's certificate or a renewal of a registered retail merchant's certificate or after the retail merchant's certificate has been revoked or suspended by the department commits a Class A misdemeanor.
As added by Acts 1980, P.L.52, SEC.1. Amended by P.L.26-1985, SEC.6; P.L.293-2013(ts), SEC.11

Old WPUM Engineer said...

The Fireworks place might have been a Stuckey's. That roof line was used in a few buildings. There was a time in the 60's and 70's for Nickerson Farms at SR 114 and Wayfara Restaurants along I65. I think one remains near Walcott with a Stuckey's Candy Shop and Dairy Queen.

Anonymous said...

yeah the old fireworks place use to be a stuckey's many many years ago.

Unknown said...

Yes, the fireworks store was built and operated for at least 10 years as a Stuckey's. It sold Texaco gasoline. I worked there pumping gas and clerking while I was attending grad school at Purdue. by GreyFriar