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Friday, August 23, 2013


The tomatoes are ripening as are the peaches and the apples are breaking the branches of my tree. If posting here is short (like this) or erratic for the next few weeks, it may be because I am trying to deal with an avalanche of fruit.

This bunch of tomatoes was turned into 21 quarts of canned tomatoes (but not by me).
Yesterday I was frustrated by the rain that lasted most of the day but only gave us about .4 inches. I wanted to get out and do things but did not want to get wet. It was a good day to start school.

I noticed from a Facebook post from the Benton County Economic Development that Earl Park will be getting a new business, one that repairs rail cars. I was puzzled by the location. Earl Park is located along the tracks of the Kankakee, Beaverville, and Southern Railroad, which is a small regional line. However, the KBSR has connections to CSX and Norfolk Southern, which are two large eastern railroads, to the Union Pacific, which is one of the two large western railroads, and to the Canadian National Railroad.

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