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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I met a wide load (on a slow Wednesday)

As I meandered my way toward Saint Joseph's College Wednesday morning, I met a wide load. It was stopped at the intersection of Washington and Front, and you can see the new street pavement. On the other side of the bridge is more new pavement, the section from the bridge to Grove Street that was done last week.
 I do not know what the cargo was. It looked a lot like the base of a wind turbine, but my guess is that is was farm related. Whatever it is, there is a special truck trailer designed for it.

I met a second one a little behind it. It had difficulty making the turn where the highway branches off from College Avenue. Look at all the wheels on the back end.
 If anyone knows what it is, leave a comment.

I have a small garden by the hoop house. I noticed a large sphinx moth on one of my garden stakes.
 I thought it might be the moth of the horned tomato worm so I contemplated killing it. I killed three of the larvae this summer, but not before they did a lot of damage to my tomato plants. I pulled the wings out a bit to get a better look and it did not fly away. Checking the Internet after I got home, I now doubt that it is the adult of the tomato worm. It looks a lot like a Waved Sphinx Moth.
 The day was hot and muggy so I thought it would be refreshing to relax by the pond at SJC and admire the scaffolding reflecting in the cool water.
I was shocked to see an almost waterless pond. The college will be doing some upgrade work on it, changing it so that the water recirculates. Until now the water from the fountain was fresh water from the water tower.


Anonymous said...

You are correct about the load being the base of a wind turbine.

Jessica Nunemaker said...

Yup, it's a wind turbine. :)

RoadRunner1117 said...

I'm so happy to see that SJC is finally changing their pond to recirculating!

Anonymous said...

Did you see they torn down the old Strip Joint on College Avenue by Potawatomi Park?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about what is going on with the pond at SJC. I work at SJC and didn't know why it was drained. Always look to your blog to find out the "news". Thanks!