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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some construction I missed and a correction

I have noticed the containers in the Walmart parking lot for several weeks, but I did not give them much thought. Today I asked a worker if there was going to be construction and he informed me that remodeling has been going on for several weeks inside of Walmart. It appears to be a pretty big project.
Because I was there, I took a picture of the Farm Credit Building. The exit on the Drexel Drive had just had a concrete pour. The exterior of the building is complete and the entire building is supposed to be ready for occupancy in less than a month.
 On Sunday I posted a picture of the scaffolding on the west bell tower of the SJC chapel and said that workers had been sandblasting the bricks. A couple commenters reacted with horror, so I went back today to see the actual work being done. The workers are not sandblasting the bricks. They are using grinders to grind out old mortar. In the picture below you can see the contrast between the areas that have been worked on and those that are untouched.
 Tonight I stopped by the Farmers Market briefly in hopes of getting some pictures of the pet parade. I did not because I wanted to go to another event that was at the same time. However, I did snap a picture of the work being done to install new drains on the corner of Van Rensselaer and Harrison.

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