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Thursday, October 3, 2013


October has arrived but it does not feel like autumn. Yesterday a crew was resurfacing the end of Elza and the trees in the background were still dressed in summer green.
 However, as I sat on my front porch yesterday afternoon, I could see an ash tree shedding leaves. The shortening of the day must be what triggers the change of color and leaf-fall because we have not had any really cold temperatures yet. The ash tree on the corner of Van Rensselaer and Washington reminds us that it is October.
 The prettiest leaves I have seen so far were on ‪Toxicodendron radicans‬. Despite its color, it does not make a good landscaping plant.
 There are several places in town with elaborate Halloween decorations up. This one will probably be the most seen.
I have a plot at the community garden north of town and it is supposed to be cleaned up by Sunday. I do not have much left, but it will take some effort to dig out the sweet potatoes. You can also see some kohlrobi and in the upper left some large rutabagas that got planted accidentally. The seed was mixed in with peas I planted in the spring. 


Anonymous said...

Any time you wish to show fall color, please do. Sometimes trees only glow for a moment it seems.

Gene said...

But comments like the previous one simply 'glow' forever.