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Monday, October 28, 2013


With the colder weather it takes more will power to get out of the house. Speaking of house, construction continues on two Rensselaer homes. The one in the the Sunset Ridge subdivision has much of the exterior completed.

The Building Trades house on Vine Street is not as far along.
I seem to be learning more by surfing the Internet rather than exploring the town. In sports, the Rensselaer football team won its first sectional game on Friday. If it does not win the sectional title, a lot of people will be disappointed.

No Rensselaer runners advanced to the state cross country meet, but I was happy to see that the Twin Lakes girls team will go to the big race. They managed to grab sixth place at the New Prairie semistate, beating out teams like Valparaiso, Chesterton, and Crown Point. The West Lafayette girls dominated the meet, placing five runners in the top 15. (How good were they--they tied the New Prairie semi-state record for lowest score and could have sat out their top two two runners and still won. However, they may not be good enough to beat Carmel next week.) (Why my interest in cross country? Because I had two sons in the sport, one of whom made it to the state meet. I watched and helped at a lot of cross country meets.)

Facebook tells me I have missed a few things, like a remodeling downtown and a ribbon cutting south of town. The Jasper County Historical Society reported on really old things, the meteor crater site near Kentland, here and here. I shared some pictures on Facebook of a dinner I attended last week. I may start doing more Facebook sharing--it easier than writing things here.

Morocco has had another fire, and there is controversy there about tearing down old buildings

And for something completely different, I found information on popular names that you may enjoy, for both girls and boys.


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