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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Construction update Nov 13, 2013 (Updated)

A construction project that I noticed a couple of days ago is an addition to the back of the GMD building on East Drexel Parkway. GMD stands for Genuine Machine Design. The sign in front says "Innovative Filter Production Machinery." I do not know anything about this company.
 There is a large dumpster in front of the Administration Building of the Rensselaer School Corporation. Renovation?
 Slow progress continues at the Melville substation. A couple of weeks ago a new concrete pad had been poured.
 What appears to be a new garage is rising near Columbia Park. The picture was taken about a week ago.
 On the corner of Scott and Washington a small house has been gutted.
 Only the studs are left inside. My guess is that they will rehabilitate it, but maybe it is being torn down in a way that will preserve the lumber. Time will tell.
 Work on the Steinke parking lot continues. I recall reading that it is supposed to hold 55 cars.
 This morning a truck carried away the bulldozer. Grading of the parking lot suggests that it will be paved very soon. There is a funeral later this week, that of my former colleague David Chesek who taught physics at SJC for many years.
 The floor is carpeted, equipment is being installed, and some window signage has been painted fpr what will be 24/7 Club Fit in downtown Rensselaer.
A while back I read that the ceremonial groundbreaking for a new restaurant at Fair Oaks Farms had taken place. Now their Facebook page says that actual groundbreaking is underway. (Click the link to see the picture.)

Update: This morning Town and Country Paving was busy working on the Steinke Funeral Home parking lot.


Anonymous said...

The dumpster outside of the Administration Building is not for renovation. The Administration building is moving into a totally renovated section in Van. They will be moving in to the section that use house the 2nd grade classrooms and one of the gyms. The gym will now be used for storage.

Anonymous said...

Gmd makes the machines that make filters or did