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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving day

Some years have nice weather for Thanksgiving. This year we are getting some very cold weather. It feels like January. Most of the water in ponds still has enough heat from the fall to keep the ice at bay, but there is an impressive display of icicles in the quarry.
 Several people have decorated their yards with Thanksgiving decorations. Inflatable turkeys are the most common. Below is one model.
 And here is a second.
 If you are not able to cook your own Thanksgiving meal today, you can get a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the American Legion Post. Dinner is served from 11:00 am till 2:00 pm.

Every year there are a lot of early Thanksgiving meals. The students at Saint Joseph's College had a big Thanksgiving feast last week before they headed home for the break. I was honored to be invited to a Thanksgiving dinner (lunch) at the CDC Resources center on Angelica Street last Thursday. The food was abundant and delicious. For dessert people had a choice of pumpkin pie or apple pie. I would have like to tried the homemade apple pie, but I have eaten so many apples in the past month that I opted for the pumpkin.
 The celebration took place in the work room of the center. Everyone seemed to be happy and thankful. The picture below is taken from a Facebook posting of the event. You can see more pictures by clicking the arrows here.
 Work has been a little slow in the workshop. The consumers have been doing packaging for Donaldsons and National Gypsum. They have also been working on decorating bowling pins. These are discards from the Strike Zone (bowling pins do wear out) and will see another life. I am not sure where they will be sold.
Enjoy the day. I am more than a little sorry seeing how the Black Friday sales have crept into Thanksgiving. But once one store decided to move up the sales, it is hard for the others to resist. (People think that the old laws that restricted sales on Sundays were enacted for religious reasons, but the major motivation may have been to control hours, preventing the sort of thing we see happening with shopping on Thanksgiving. The prisoner's dilemma explains it all.

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