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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After I posted a picture of the RCSC Administration building with a dumpster near it, a commenter said that the people currently in the building would be moving to new offices at Van Rensselaer School. I stopped by to verify the comment and found that it was true.
 At the beginning of September I noticed some construction at Van Rensselaer. Now I know what it was for. There is room at Van Rensselaer because the second grade moved to the new Primary School when it opened.
 The move is planned to to take place over the Christmas break. I think that the building then reverts back to city ownership. I do not know if there are any plans for it. I hope it avoids the fate of the old Monnett School. What do you think the building could be used for? It was built in 1925 as a dormitory for the Monnett School for Girls and converted to offices in 1954.

Another move that will happen in just a few days is that the little store with two names, Unique Things and Kids Corner, will be moving to a three story building across from the Court House. I do not know if the building has a name, but according to the Walking Tour of the Court House Historical District, it "was built by George Collins as a shoe store, but has hosted a Traub's Clothier, Montgomery Ward, Escape, Gifts from the Heart, and Irene's Consignment Shop." Most recently if was the store with no name. With about triple the floor space that Unique Things/Kids Corner now has, it should allow for a substantially larger inventory. It will be interesting to see what if will look like in a few months.
There are offices on the second floor, and the third floor has been used by a band as a practice room. Presently the upper floors a joined with those of the I.O.O.F. Building to the east, but that may change.

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