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Friday, January 31, 2014

Another library update

I stopped by the library today and was able to pick up some tax forms, which are in the lobby next to the door. The library itself is not open, in part because they suffered a setback last week. On the night of the 24th (Friday) or the morning of the 25th (Saturday) they had another pipe break, this one in the conference room. That is the room that they had moved some of the back office staff to while they were repairing the office space behind the circulation desk. A peek inside showed that the damage was significant. More dry wall has been removed and is now being replaced. However, this damage was localized to a corner of the library.
 When you look inside the library, you immediately notice a barrier in the main aisle. Behind the barrier is the work area that has been relocated from the conference room that was most recently flooded.
 There is good news. The drywall in the parts of the library that was originally damaged has been replaced and repainted. (It is a bit funny to see the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling--should they be big water drops instead?) For earlier pictures, see here, here and here.
 The work area behind the circulation desk is coming together, though it still looks messy. It still needs carpet, but once that is installed, perhaps the staff can return to their original work space.
This has been a nightmare for both the staff and the patrons. We are all hoping that there are no further setbacks.

(For you fans of railroad history, Steinke's has a picture for you here.)

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are snoopy. I do miss going to the library. We need it back in service soon.