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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hunkered down, day three

Temperatures are rising a bit today. It was only eight degrees below zero this morning, and this afternoon the temperature finally reached the positive numbers. The wind has died down, though there is still a breeze that may be strong enough to cause some drifting in the country. I-65 opened again, though with warnings that driving on it was treacherous, and it may be closed again if too many end up in the ditch. All roads are have a layer of compacted snow on them that will become more slippery as the temperature rises. The slick roads make accelerating, stopping and turning dangerous.

Most schools will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday). The county roads in Jasper County are still closed and there is a $500 fine for driving on them. The city streets have been plowed but have a layer of compacted snow on them so drive cautiously.

The weather forecast says we are leaving the arctic conditions for warmer temperatures, but before we get above zero this weekend, we will get a few more inches of snow.

I saw this little snowman today as I walked around a bit. It must have been made on Sunday or earlier because for the past 36 hours it has been far too cold to make snowmen.
 The Iroquois River did not freeze over as it goes through downtown, but there are some small rapids as the river passes under the bridge.
 There were a few more businesses open. The post office may have been open Monday. Today there were quite a few people stopping by, though mail has not been going into or out of Rensselaer this week. R&M was open and had some business. They also had a delivery truck arriving, meaning we are not completely cut off from the rest of the world.
There is not a lot to photograph--just snow everywhere, none of it it dramatic.

I have not heard any trains for the past few days and I know that the weather has disrupted some Amtrak trains. Are the trains running?

Update: The Jasper County roads will be open at 6:00 am on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Did hear a train whistling through last evening(Jan. 6) between 9 and 10 p.m.

aEiOu said...

Nice blog, just found it blog-hopping. Can't believe how cold it is there! Where I am (South India) we have "cold" nights about 70 degrees when I bundle up with quilts, don't know how you manage! Stay warm, and safe!