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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pioneer dioramas

On Sunday St. Augustine School had an open house to mark the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. I wandered around the classrooms and was intrigued by the dioramas that the fourth grade had made. The class is studying Indiana history and as a project they were to make dioramas of a pioneer cabin, a lean-to, or a flat boat. Some of them were quite impressive for fourth graders (but maybe mom and dad probably helped a bit.)
 I mentioned that the kids could probably enter some of them in the county fair and was told that they had already thought of that.
 Lots of different building materials were used. The pretzels used in this riverboat must have been fun--the student could eat as he built.
I was ready to take some more pictures but my camera battery ran out after these three pictures.

The school had scheduled a visit from the bishop for today (Tuesday), but that was canceled when the weather canceled school in many of the area schools. On Wednesday the school has scheduled a Simon Kenton historical characterization for the morning and a student talent show for the afternoon. There is a chance they may occur--maybe tomorrow the schools will finally open. With all the missed days so far this year, the students will be at their desks into June.

It would be nice if the Rensselaer library opened as well. Yesterday and today the cold weather and bad roads shut down all three libraries in the system.

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to see these school displays, so thank you for the views.