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Friday, January 24, 2014

Some statistics

The new Jasper County website is up and running. It looks different, but the big change is behind the scenes. The new site is supposed to make it easier for local officials to change the information on their departments pages.

The Jasper County Economic Development Organization has produced a new "Guide to Jasper County" and the Chamber of Commerce e-mailed a digital version to its members, but it is not yet on the website of the JCEDO. However, it does not seem to be much different from the 2013 version.

On Tuesday evening the Jasper County Health Board met to review the year end reports of the Jasper County Health Department. A lot of numbers were tossed out and below are a few that struck me as interesting.

In 2013 there were 81 births in Jasper County and 224 deaths. Two of the births were home births and 49 were OOW (out of wedlock). Obviously many Jasper County residents are going to hospitals outside the county for delivery. There were 17 deaths from motor vehicle accidents, five suicides, no homicides though one is pending (which I think means that it has not yet been declared a homicide). There were 46 deaths caused by cancer, with lung cancer the biggest type with 15 deaths. There were many other causes of death, with myocardial infarction (heart attack) leading the pack with 31.

The Health Department provided 2859 immunizations. It tested 291 clients for TB with no convertor or active cases found.

There were six new meth labs found that had to be decontaminated. There was one complaint of bedbugs at a local motel; the case was handled by a state department of health employee and the rooms were declared to be clear after treatment. In July a case of a leaking underground gasoline tank was discovered in the Wheatfield area; that case is still not closed.

The County has 168 food establishments; some are seasonal and some are temporary. The department did 312 inspections during the year. Twelve establishments closed during 2013 and five opened.

The Heath Board meets three or four times a year. The next meeting is April 21.

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