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Monday, January 6, 2014

Sundogs and snowdrifts

The snow has stopped but the frigid temperatures (we set the record for low temperature today) and the wind make it dangerous to be outside if you are not dressed properly.

The most striking things to see when you look outside, assuming that your windows are not all iced up, are very bright sundogs.
 I tried to block out some of the sun with a light in Bicentennial Park to see if the picture would expose better.
 It is not too bad outside if you dress appropriately. I had on a tee shirt, a long sleeved tee shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and my winter jacket, heavy pants over a pair of shorts, heavy thermal socks, and two hats. However, my hand got very cold when I pulled it out of my mitten for a few seconds to take these pictures.

The Rensselaer streets have been plowed. However, county roads are still closed as is I-65 and the highways. The BP station was open and I stopped in. The two clerks said there was virtually no business. I asked if they had had a pre-storm rush, and they said not really, though cigarette sales were high.
 When I was in Indianapolis a couple days ago the Menards was selling salt as fast as they could put it out. Salt will not do anything when temperatures get this low. My son in Kentucky said that bales of straw were selling well at Lowes. People were buying them for extra doghouse bedding.

The wind had left interesting drifts in front of some of the stores on the southeast side of Washington Street. Bub's BBQ had a nice drift.
 This very decorative drift was, appropriately enough, in front of the Willow Switch.
 As I was taking these pictures, the Steffens drove up. I asked if they were really going to open today, and they said that they had to do inventory, so there was no reason not to open the store. So if you really need to get out and shop today, there is a store open for you. The drift below is in front of Lyons Insurance.
There is a good chance I will update this post later today.

Update: Rensselaer got ten inches of snow from the storm.

There is drifting on county roads, so Jasper County remains under a snow emergency. The Sheriffs Department has been busy rescuing stranded motorists. There is a $500 fine if you are caught driving on the county roads. I-65 was briefly opened and then shut again. However, it is now open north of US 30 in Porter County.

Pretty much everything will still be closed tomorrow, though I expect a few more businesses will be open. Temperatures should finally get above zero. Maybe we will start to return to normal on Wednesday.

I sure am glad I am not trying to travel this week.


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You have an artist's eye to notice the beauty in that windswept snow.