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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter fun

People often say Rensselaer does not have a sledding hill. Of course it does, or else how would these kids be sledding?
 The picture above was taken in January or February of 1996. The girl on the sled was from Argentina and had never experienced winter before. She is now a medical doctor in Argentina. The pool building was then a dark red--in other pictures I have it is white or blue.

In January of 1988 the field next to Weston Cemetery flooded and then froze, making it into the best skating rink that Rensselaer has ever had.
 Skating is difficult when you first try it. It takes a while to get the strength in the ankles that is needed.
 And there is a lot of falling down.
In January of 1991 the river again flooded the field next to Weston Cemetery, but to a much deeper depth. The water then froze and when it receded it left ice shelves high above ground. As you can see, the road near the lift station had been under about four feet of water.
In a few years we will hardly remember how cold and miserable this winter is unless you take some pictures of it.

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Anonymous said...

Is there still a skating rink in Brookside Park behind the swimming pool? That was a great place to skate 50 years ago.