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Friday, February 7, 2014

Over in Pulaski County

Some new Youtube videos have been posted highlighting three Pulaski County businesses, Adaptasoft, FRATCO, and Braun corporation. They are produced by Extraordinary Indiana, which seems to be an offshoot of Savor Indiana. Adaptasoft is a software development company in the unlikely location of Francesville. Here is the Adaptasoft video:

Here are links to the FRATCO video and the Braun video. All three have been released in the past few days. There are also two other videos highlighting Pulaski County.

I suspect the videos were paid for by the Pulaski County Economic Development office. Savor Indiana has done a number of half-hour shows that play on area PBS stations. They have done two area counties, Pulaski and Carroll, as well as two on the South Shore Visitors and Convention Authority, one of which includes bits about the Dairy Adventure and the Pig Adventure. To view them, go to their website and click on Episodes. (You do not have to watch the whole half hour--they have chopped the film up into shorter episodes.)

If they ever do an episode on Jasper County, what should be included?

Update: Fair Oaks Farms announced the upcoming Pig Education Adventure Center, which should be ready in about a year. It will be located to the west of the Birthing Barn. 

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