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Saturday, February 8, 2014


The Oxford Dictionary word of the year for 2013 was selfie. I had not been aware of the word until I saw an announcement of that honor, but since then I have seen it repeatedly. Yesterday (Friday) the angle of the sun gave me an opportunity to take a selfie. I am waving to myself as I take the picture. It should be pretty obvious where I was.
 Today (Saturday) I went out to SJC to check out the science fair. I must have been there at a bad time because there was not a lot going on. There were eight high school teams in the competition and eleven middle school teams, including Rensselaer Central Middle School. The Rensselaer Central High School team was off to Lafayette for a competition hosted by Ivy Tech. The web page for the SJC event is It may take a day or two, but it should have the results of today's event.

Did you know that Ivy Tech has begun offering a few classes at Morocco? They have just a few courses there but I cannot find which ones on their website.

While out at SJC I noticed that pictures were being hung for the Regional High School Exhibit. Next week I will probably do a post on what I found interesting, but since here is a preview--an interesting variation on a selfie. Part of the picture is a photograph (that reflects the background and thus is not as clear as it should be) and part is drawing.

In other news, the Rensselaer Library is still not open. The Community Garden group had its organizational meeting on Monday (which I missed because I went to the Park Board meeting) and they promise a community garden that is bigger and better than last year. If you are interested in joining the fun and obtaining a plot, you can attend the meeting on March 13 at the extension office at 6 pm central time. This meeting will feature a class on beginning gardening and pest control. If you cannot wait that long, call the extension office at 219-866-4961 and ask for Brian.

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