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Friday, March 14, 2014

A mystery window on Pi day

On its Facebook page the Jasper County Historical Society has been posting pictures of parts of buildings and asking if anyone can identify the building. Two of the recent postings have been of stain glassed windows, so when I saw the window below recently, I thought it would make a good mystery picture. Do you know where this window is located?
The only hint I will give is that it is not on private property.

Today is Pi day--3.14. I saw some very funny pictures on Facebook celebrating it, such as here and here. (Next year Pi day will be really special--it will be 3.1415. Or will it be special in 2016 since Pi rounds to 3.1416?) Fair Oaks Farms has posted several construction update pictures recently, including one showing the windows being installed in the new restaurant building. The Families of the JCYC have a clever promotion for spring break week. And despite all the snow on the ground, there is reason to think green--Saint Patrick's Day is Monday and we are less than a week away from the vernal equinox (March 20 this year).

Update: This window and another that is identical are located on the second floor of the court house. It is an interior window located between the auditor's office and the hallway. (The hallways and the stairways of the court house occupy a lot of the total floor space. Clearly the architect was not just interested in an economical use of space--the aesthetics was of great importance.)


Anonymous said...

Pi Day does move the cobwebs in my brain. I saw a cartoon in one of today's papers too.
I know I have seen that stained glass. Hummmm....

Desert Survivor said...


Capouch said...

I say courthouse too.