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Monday, March 31, 2014

Moving dirt for Dollar General (Updated)

Dirt is being moved for a new Dollar General store on the corner of Clark and Monroe Streets. (That is directly east of Kirby Risk. For some reason I expected this store to go to the west of Kirby Risk, but I like the actual site better.) It appears that most of the work being done is for the parking lot--two trucks full of stone showed up during the few minutes I was there. Also, you can see that the entrance way from the highway has been constructed. I am not sure when work began, but it appear that at least a week has passed since construction began.
 There is an ad on the Internet for a store manager that was posted at the end of February.

Dollar General is not new to Rensselaer--it had a store in the building that now houses 24/7 Fitness that closed about ten years ago. In the past few years, Dollar General has opened stores in Remington and Monon. The Rensselaer Republican had an article about the future Dollar General store last week that said the store would hire six to nine people.

About a mile due north of the Dollar General construction site, another construction project has been completed. Not only does the new rail crossing on 400S have lights, it also has a crossing gate.
A few other things: when I was in Remington about a week ago, I noticed that the plant across from the Bank of Wolcott office had DuPont signs on it. I remembered it as a Solae plant. Checking the Internet, I learned that Solae had been a joint venture between DuPont and another company, and in 2012 DuPont bought out the ownership of the other company so now the entire company is owned by DuPont.

Rensselaer may be too small to establish a presence on Craigs List, but people have found a way to use Facebook for the same purposes. If you want to buy and sell items in Rensselaer, check out the Facebook group, For Sale in Rensselaer Indiana. It has over 1000 members. There are several other groups that seem to be doing the same thing, such as Jasper County(Indiana)...Buy-Sell-Trade-or GiveAway, which has 2500 members.

Update: I stopped by the Dollar General site after 6:00 pm and was surprised at how much had been done and that there were still men at work. Sand was being smoothed, presumably to get ready for a concrete pad on which the building will rest. The side of Monroe had been completely broken up, probably by the large dump trucks delivering stone and sand.
 At the north end of the lot a truck load or two of drainage tiles had been delivered. It will be interesting to see where they go.
This will probably be a pretty fast build. Expect future updates on progress.


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the Solar Power Farm? it in Rensselaer?....if so where?
Thank you!

Between You and I..... said...

How do I apply for a job there?