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Saturday, April 5, 2014

A grand opening

Precision Glass and Auto Brite had a grand opening today (Saturday). I thought it a bit strange because Precision Glass has been around for a while (I think 18 years), but it now has a new owner. The new owner also has purchased the Auto Brite business that was in the same building and that has been in Rensselaer for 25 years.
 Precision Glass handles all types of glass--automobile windows and windshields, glass for commercial buildings, glass for residential housing, shower glass, and more. There is not much to photograph at the business because they keep virtually no inventory of glass. Instead they order as needed and get it within two days.

The grand opening featured lunch with meat from Dales. I was there early and there were not many other people, but when I drove past later attendance seemed to have picked up.
 It is hard to see in the picture above, but there was also a display of items from Electronic Systems Group from Lafayette. I asked about the connection and was told that there is cross promotion. People who need new glass fairly often are also interested in better security systems and vise versa.

Precision Glass has a Facebook page with more pictures from the grand opening, including one of the band Once Ascended that was a featured attraction.

Also today Ardent Papers Photography had an open house. It was quieter, with no band.

Meanwhile, across the highway from Precision Glass the concrete slab for the new Dollar General store was being poured. I was too late to see them using the boom truck to get the concrete to the back of the pad, but I enjoyed watching the guy riding on the little machine that smooths the concrete.
In a couple weeks SR 114 will be closed to replace the culvert by Brookside Park. I am sure lots of people will miss the garbage trucks.

On Monday evening the Park Board will hold their monthly meeting at 6:00 in the old school corporation administration building. If you are one of the people who wants to see what the building looks like inside, this is your chance. You can also see what a Park Board meeting is like.

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