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Monday, April 7, 2014

First flowers

I was surprised to see a lawn full of crocuses on Sunday. They are the first flowers I have seen in Rensselaer this spring.
 The Walmart snow pile is still there and still melting.
 The solar farm is different from the last time I was there. There is some kind of structure in the front--I saw the concrete being poured a week or two ago.
 What surprised me was how many of the solar panels were in place. On the west side it appeared all the the panels were installed, and there were about 24 rows of them. However, the rows did not go all the way to the east. On the east side the posts were in place, but the panels were still in piles. If you look carefully at the picture above, you can see the solar panels to the left of the concrete structure and to the left you can see the forest of poles.

Below is what the lot looks like from the west looking east.
Update: Some asked on an older post where the solar panel farm was. It is at the far east end of Maple Street, east of the State Highway offices.

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Anonymous said...

YEEEEAAAA!!!!! The flowers are coming. I saw the most beautiful purple crocuses in a yard on Cullen on Saturday.