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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

More postcards

The postcard exhibit continues at the Historical Society Museum. Here are a few more that are decorating the walls.

I wonder what the Hosier Limited was like.
 Do you know what is shown in this picture? The postcard makes it look a lot bigger than it seems in reality.
 There are several pictures of Saint Joseph's College on display including this of a short-lived gymnasium building.

 I do not know what the tall, three story building in this picture was. I think this was taken around 1900.

This is what Saint Joseph's College looked like a few years before I came to town. The old administration building burned a few years before I arrived.

This is a steam dredge of the type used to dredge and straighten the Iroquois River. It may be the actual dredge that did the straightening.


Anonymous said...

Center Postcard is the Starlight Inn. Currently Creekside Apt. Complex.
When Motel closed it was Bought by the Franciscans and housed novices who took some classes at SJC. When they left..Steinke's bought is and made it a apt. complex for senior citizens. Didn
t work well so it is now all apartments.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the postcard photographs. There is a nice collection at the museum.

Capouch said...

The postcard of the river was taken from the bridge by the Busy Bee, and the tall building was the Iroquois Roller Mills.