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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Odds and ends, April 28 2014

I had to drive to Monticello today and was surprised by how strong the wind was. Below is a view of the road in White County.
 A lot of people had fun at the Little 500 race at SJC on Saturday. On of the entertainments for kids was a merry-go-round that was powered by the kids pushing and pulling on a bar.
 I forgot to include this picture in my last post on the culvert adjacent to Brookside Park. It was taken on Thursday.
 There was minimal work on Friday, but on Saturday morning the crane lowered all the sections of the culvert into the creek bed. I arrived shortly after they had finished that task.
 By the end of the day the earthen dam above the culvert had been removed and water was flowing through the culvert.
Although I did not see the crane place the culvert sections, I did see it leave. When it drives on the highway, it rests its boom on a separate trailer, and below it is lifting that trailer onto the road. The driver then made sure everything was secure and drove off.
I feel sorry for the truck drivers who keep coming up to the the barricades and are surprised that the road is closed. The highway signage is very poor. Today as I was returning from Monticello, I saw the detour signs all along SR 16. At the intersection of SR 16 and US 231, there was a sign that was easy to miss if you were watching traffic that said that to get on I-65 you had to go south. If you continued north, you kept seeing the detour signs. As you approach SR 114, you see the sign below. Isn't it reasonable to assume that you can continue west on 114? There are no barricades until you get to the culvert.
 There is not much to see at the Dollar General site except that workers were putting in forms for sidewalks. I think sidewalks are wonderful, but unless they hook up with other sidewalks going west and especially east, they will not be of much use.
At the City Council meeting on Monday, there was discussion of what trees the city has removed this spring. Several had been removed along Vine to prepare for a new sewer line (I think it is storm sewer). I do not see any that had been removed along Vine itself, but the little grove of trees west of Vine is now gone, so those may be the trees that the city has removed. There are lots of drainage tiles waiting to be installed.


Anonymous said...

Cool culvert photos among others. Thanks.

Dawn Thomas said...

i do think the signing is poor for the detour. i heard they were issuing tickets to semis bc they were going down the wrong roads but they did not provide good signing so therefor i do not agree with that.