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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mostly new

Winter seems to want to come back. Suburbs of Chicago had snow this morning and the forecast says that we may get patchy frost tonight. I noticed that the our wet weather has left a considerable amount of water at the bottom of the Babcock Quarry.
The Chamber Happenings page in Wednesday's Rensselaer Republican  announced that two businesses had had recently joined the Chamber, so I decided to pay them a visit. The first was GRG Auto Repair, just north of Jordan's Floral. I noticed them in March, and apparently they were already open at that time. The gas pumps are gone and soon the gas tanks under the concrete will be removed as well. They have a Facebook page here that gives you more information.
When I stopped by two technicians were working on two cars in the bays. A ribbon cutting is in the plans, but the date has not been set yet.

On Drexel Drive the former location of Sister Act salon has gone to the dogs, literally. It is now home to Pawsitively Pets, a new pet grooming business.

Pawsitively Pets will also have a ribbon cutting ceremony in the near future, though again the date has not been finalized.

In the picture below, which shows the tub in which pets are bathed and groomed, you can see the checkerboard floor of Sister Act is still in place. In addition to grooming dogs, cats, ferrets, and other household pets, Pawsitively Pets sells some pet supplies and cages.
I noticed a few days ago that the building that once was home to Maggie's Jazzy Cuts is now Barbie's Hair & Nail Salon. It is on Vine Street, a bit west of the elevator.
Work continues on what will be the Working Well clinic. The office will open on June 2 and there will be a ribbon cutting and a business-after-hours event at 4:00 pm on June 12.

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